The Artist's Note

I sculpt only Oamaru stone because the stone itself already reflects the natural beauty and tendencies of human beings as well as the fact that the stone coincides with my interpretation of beauty in this world. The primitive motives in my creation come from nature and the deep feelings that nature gives us. They follow our normal, human instinct to return to nature.

The intrinsic link between humans and nature may come in either an abstract or a concrete form. To me, the form of the creation does not matter as long as I am able to express my inspiration in a way that can be felt by others.

Another key theme in many of my works is feminine lines which quite often closely resemble the beautiful lines also experienced in nature. The most basic motivation in my life is to create new images, forms and emotions through my artwork. I establish my identity through the art that I create.

I like to create pieces that will awaken hidden sensibilities in people’s hearts.

It took me for quite a while to realize understated beauty shows more stories and more attractive than overly described beauty.